About Us

30 Years and Counting


Haraman Development is a medium sized development company based out of the Tri-Cities. For the past 6 years, being family owned and operated, we have been proud to provide our communities with quality and reliable homes. The team at Haraman have a combined 40 years of experience in developments ranging from single family homes to large multi family developments.

At Haraman, we strive to make all projects unique. From architectural designs to final finishing touches, no two projects are ever alike. Every home and project is designed with their distinct elements in mind that capture the specific beauty of the location and community.

The Haraman Difference


At Haraman, all our projects are designed and handled with great care of our in-house team. We oversee all aspects of the project including initial design, public consultation, city coordination, construction and finally sales. Having all of this handled in house allows us to ensure that each step of the project is handled at the highest Haraman standard.

Haraman Cares

A portion of our annual earnings is invested to local non-profits to help make a difference in our community. Subscribe with us to stay up to date with all our upcoming events.